Founded in 2017 in Finland with subsidiaries in Hungary and Germany, iconicchain is one of the fastest-growing and largest Finland-based Fintech/Regtech companies recognized by the European Union as one of the top 10 digital startups (winners of the EIT Digital Challenge).

We are a leading provider of cutting-edge RegTech solutions for the financial industry across Europe. Our founding team has 40+ years of experience in regulatory compliance, technology leadership and startups. 

We are market leaders in multiple markets for securitization solutions, working with some of the largest banks in Europe as well as national and EU-level regulators and investors. iconicchain is also the provider of the solution for one of the world’s largest central bank-operated asset-tracking solutions.

Fintech of the Year in Finland 2023

Source: helsinkifintech.fi

Winner of the EIT Digital Challenge 2023

Among the TOP 20 startups in Finland

Source: fintechnordics.com

Our packaged solutions

    • Securitization automation
    • AI-powered audit automation
    • Blockchain based regulatory reporting platform


TSI Congress Berlin, September 2023 

TSI Congress Berlin, September 2022 


iconicchain Oy is a proud supporter of the EDISS Master’s programme on the Engineering of Data-intensive Intelligent Software Systems (EMJMD) by offering summer internship possibilities to EDISS master students this summer. EDISS is a prestigious Erasmus Mundus double degree master’s programme.

In 2023 iconicchain and TSI join forces to accelerate the digitalization of securitization and to expand the collaboration with the German banking sector and EU regulatory bodies in the space of securitization.